Use CasesΒΆ

The Jupyter Kernel Gateway makes possible the following novel uses of kernels:

  • Attach a local Jupyter Notebook server to a compute cluster in the cloud running near big data (e.g., interactive gateway to Spark)
  • Enable a new breed of non-notebook web clients to provision and use kernels (e.g., dashboards using jupyter-js-services)
  • Scale kernels independently from clients (e.g., via tmpnb, Binder, or your favorite cluster manager)
  • Create microservices from notebooks via notebook-http mode

The following diagram shows how you might use tmpnb to deploy a pool of kernel gateway instances in Docker containers to support on-demand interactive compute:

_images/tmpnb_kernel_gateway.pngExample diagram of tmpnb deployment of kernel gateway instances

For more inspiration, see the jupyter/kernel_gateway_demos.