jupyter-websocket Mode

The KernelGatewayApp.api command line argument defaults to kernel_gateway.jupyter_websocket. This mode, or personality, has the kernel gateway expose:

  1. a superset of the HTTP API provided by the Jupyter Notebook server, and

  2. the equivalent Websocket API implemented by the Jupyter Notebook server.

HTTP Resources

The HTTP API consists of kernel, session, monitoring, and metadata resources. All of these are documented in a swagger.yaml file. You can use the Swagger UI to interact with a running instance of the kernel gateway by pointing the tool to the /api/swagger.json resource.

Websocket Resources

The /api/kernels/{kernel_id}/channels resource multiplexes the Jupyter kernel messaging protocol over a single Websocket connection.

See the NodeJS and Python client demos for two simple examples of using these resources to send code to kernels for interactive evaluation.