Jupyter Kernel Gateway

Jupyter Kernel Gateway is a web server that provides headless access to Jupyter kernels. Your application communicates with the kernels remotely, through REST calls and Websockets rather than ZeroMQ messages. There are no provisions for editing notebooks through the Kernel Gateway. The following operation modes, called personalities, are supported out of the box:

  • Send code snippets for execution using the Jupyter kernel protocol over Websockets. Start and stop kernels through REST calls. This HTTP API is compatible with the respective API sections of the Jupyter Notebook server.

  • Serve HTTP requests from annotated notebook cells. The code snippets are cells of a static notebook configured in the Kernel Gateway. Annotations define which HTTP verbs and resources it supports. Incoming requests are served by executing one of the cells in a kernel.

Jupyter Kernel Gateway uses the same code as Jupyter Notebook to launch kernels in its local process/filesystem space. It can be containerized and scaled out using common technologies like tmpnb, Cloud Foundry, and Kubernetes.

Kernel Gateway basic deployment

About Jupyter Kernel Gateway

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